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Now more and more foreigners are working in China. How can you adapt the new life in a foreign country? lawyers can help you with many problems, such as disability benefits, wage claims and harassment lawsuits. Because of the sensitive nature of these allegations, you need to find a lawyer who is effective and experienced.
Besides,more and more employee from Macao,Hong Hang and Taiwan province , labor disputes will constantly arise, how to get the legitimate right and interest ? In some cases, a business may need a labor lawyer to defend them.? When an individual hires a labor law lawyer, they may be able to get the lawyer to on a contingency basis as many labor law lawyers who initiate lawsuits on behalf of their clients will collect a portion of the suit if won due to their efforts.

practice detail items:

Drafting and reviewing Labor Contract (agreement)

Drafting Employee Handbook
Employment Termination
Severance Compensation
Wage and Overtime Claims
Foreign Employment in China
ReModifications to a Labor Contract
Employment Dispute Resolution

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