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Internet and Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law ITdeals with laws and regulations enforced for negotiations and agreements in the areas of software licensing and maintenance, IT consulting, e-commerce, website hosting and development, telecommunications, data privacy, elimination of paperwork, and digitally transmitted information.

An IT lawyer is confronted with legal issues from a wide variety of traditional legal practice areas, including but not limited to contracts, intellectual property, torts, employment, first amendment, healthcare, tax, and consumer protection. The application of long-standing as well as new legal principles to the area of information technology makes the practice of IT law both very challenging and very rewarding.

IT laws cover the criminal aspect of the misuse of Information Technology and is discussed in our Computer Crime and Cyberspace Crime Law Guides.

Internet and Information TechnologyIT Law, is a new practice sector in Chinabut lawyer Zhu had already research it for more than ten years ,Mr. Zhu is a pioneer in this area, before Mr. Zhu was been a lawyer, he had been a technician for more than 5 years, in that career, he is disign the PCB and other related projects. so when he became a lawyer,he is very interested to research this area. he had handled many such cases in his lawyer's career , such as domain name dispute, infringement of website design,etc.

our service itmes including:


-B2B and B2C
-Terms of trade/disclaimers
-Website design, development contracts
-Electronic payment systems
-Privacy issues

IT infrastructure agreements
  Website terms and conditions
  Online competitions (one form of unfair competition )
Software development agreements
Litigating disputes on intellectual property rights

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