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 · Investment rules eased under reform
 · Evidence gained by torture banned
 · Malaysian court rules use of "Allah" exclusive to Musli
 · Victories for Gay Marriage at US Supreme Court
 · New judicial interpretation targets polluters
 · American teacher arrested on molestation allegations
 · China to tighten punishment for work safety crimes
 · High court rules: Squatters must give up trademark
Investment & Trade more

Investment and trade are become more and more globalization, the fact is, investors will abide by local laws to do investment business, another fact is that the law has too many differents among countries, so we committed to help investors to set up their investment projects correctly and rapidly based on our professional legal knowledge and experience. Trade are also...

Intellectual property more

Intellectual property (IP)law, including trademarks,copyrights ,patents law , and trade secrets. Intellectual property shares many of the characteristics associated with real and personal property.For example ,intellectual property is an asset ,and as such it can be bought, sold ,licensed, exchanged, or gratuitously given away like any other form of property...

Internet & Information Technology Law more

Internet and Information Technology (IT) Law deals with laws and regulations enforced for the cases in the areas of software licensing and maintenance, IT consulting, e-commerce, website hosting and development, telecommunications, data privacy, elimination of paperwork, and digitally transmitted information,it law is a new practice sector in China ...

Corporate Affairs more

A Corporation (company ) , as the most basic market player, definitely involves many legal issues both internally and externally, such as the issues related to shareholders, equity and corporate governance. Our lawyers mostly came from varid company, such as Lawyer Zhu zhijian had ever served in some large-scale company ,including a High-tech company that the business involving GPS ...

Real estate more

Real estate are the most valuable property in a common family usually. Nowadays more and more foreigners buy house in China, how to buy or sell a house safely? Since real estate law is a complex legal system, Our lawyer can prepare all of the legal documents necessary for a property transaction and can register the paperwork with the necessary agency. We also help the client...

torts & accident more

Torts law covers a broad spectrum of issues when one has been physically or emotionally injured, or personal property has been damaged. Torts law is concerned with determining who may be responsible for causing injury and how much the responsible party should be required to pay for any damages resulting from the injury. Torts law can be classified in the following ...

Labor & employment law more

Now more and more foreigners are working in China. How can you adapt the new life in a foreign country? lawyers can help you with many problems, such as disability benefits, wage claims and harassment lawsuits. Because of the sensitive nature of these allegations, you need to find a lawyer who is effective and experienced. Besides,more and more employees from Macao,HongHang and Taiwan ...

Family & Marriage law more

Family Law encompasses domestic issues from divorce to child custody disputes, generally the aim of the law is to protect each individual’s rights within the context of family. For instance, the law will address how property is divided and determine what is in the best interest of a child when parents separate. Family-related legal issues can also apply to non-married couples,non-married children...


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